10H PLUS™ Company Introduction
10H PLUS® Company Introduction
Renew and Refresh your Skin in a Healthy, Organic Fashion
Introducing AnPhiel® by 10H PLUS® - Blueberry Enzyme Mask
• Free of Harmful Chemicals
• Zero Negative Side Effects
• 100% Natural Ingredients
• Quickly, Effectively Repairs Skin Cells

The Healthiest Way to Maintain your Skin for Decades to Come
10H PLUS® Group products are perfect for anyone in-search of clean and natural beauty skincare.
Every product is handcrafted in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and is non-toxic, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly.
Essentially, we make the perfect skincare solution that actually works!

The completely fresh plant-based ingredients provide both soothing aromatherapy, as well as nutrient-dense ingredients
that will certainly revive your beauty rituals. Whether you’re seeking powerful results, a boost in confidence,
or just a way to make your skin feel more alive, our natural mask product will satisfy you!

Manufactured in our world-class, in-house lab, every product that comes out of our factory is hyper-tested to assure
that it will perform for you! Through the living of our values, our company focus is squarely entrenched on natural sourcing,
as well as making our products in small batches by hand to ensure amazingly effective care.

After using 10H PLUS® products, your skin will thank you with years of radiant beauty.

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