What we do isn’t just about cutting away the bad stuff, it’s also about integrating innovative,
natural ingredients into a product not necessarily associated with such raw ingredients.  
10H PLUS products are able to deliver the safest, most highly vetted beauty products anywhere in the world
because the raw ingredients we use are the best in the world as well.
We make sure you don’t waste time on anything but the best of the best.

Our Raw Materials
Organic blueberries
from the heart of BC
Canadian-made Brown Sugar
from the hands of local farms
Organic lemons
grown just hours from your door!
Purified natural water
from rivers just minutes from your house

All blueberries and lemons are collected on

10H PLUS® exclusive, unpolluted farmland.

We’ve analyzed all of these properties

to assure adherence to our strict protocols.

The farms we utilize are located in BC and California,
some of the best places to farm in the entire world.
Plus, because we source locally, we don’t cause lots of greenhouse gases to enter the atmosphere
with long-haul flights or trucks.
We use a special variety of blueberry that
our scientists have carefully developed over the years. These specially-designed blueberries are rich in anthjocyanin and
have augmented level of antioxidants.

All of our sourced ingredients are grown without insecticides

and herbicides. We only use natural fertilizers to grow them.

All of the farms we source from advocate the use of naturally grown plants to emphasize the best qualities of the fruits. Finally, every farm we use only grows one single type of blueberry per year to help ensure that the soil stays fertile
and perfect for nature’s purposes.
Every single blueberry and lemon we use in our products
is carefully selected to ensure top-quality
freshness and fullness for maximum antioxidants.
On top of the locally sourced main ingredients,
the brown sugar used in our products is a fully Canadian-product as well.
Plus, it meets all of Canada’s most
stringent food-hygiene requirements.

Finally, the water used in our masks is from a purified stream near Hope, BC. It’s fully pollution-free, with low-hardness

and is weakly alkaline when measure on the pH scale.