Whilst the fermentation period is occurring, the blueberry enzyme is churned for twenty minutes every four hours,
twenty-four hours a day, all-year long without stopping. We do this to create the perfect product for every, single customer.
Each pouch bag of
AnPhiel® by 10H PLUS® - Blueberry Enzyme Skin Care Products
is made from blueberries,
lemons, and brown sugar.
The product lasts for three years after opening and has already had three to six years of natural fermentation
without yeast.

We leverage a one-of-a-kind method to ensure the mask is anticorrosive, antibacterial, and mildew-proof.

In essence, the perfect product!

After all of these 218 complicated processes focused on purification and refinement, all impurities are removed
so that the product can be finally finalized.

The beautiful end-result is

an extracted essence with the effective components of blueberry and lemon retained to its fullest extent.

To assure a high-quality product is produced, we don’t apply any chemicals during the production process.
Plus, because of this unique process,
the mask created is both organic and contains zero chemicals or heavy metals.

Finally, after all of these processes,

for the last step we assure that every mask made complies completely with cosmetic standards as required by Health Canada.

Overarching Production Process