We are a manufacturing member of
Cosmetics Alliance Canada.
We are a goodwill creditable member of Canada Better Business Bureau.
We are a member of
BC Chamber of Commerce.
We are certified by
Good Manufacturing Practice.
We are a member of
Richmond Chamber of Commerce.
Company Highlights
We have world-class, advanced, full-featured, intelligent production equipment,
and we produce both standard and unique skin care products.

We have long-term joint partnerships with multiple international

skin care research and development centres, testing centres, and labs.

We partner with numerous pollution-free, organic blueberry farms in British Columbia that are far way from human living areas. We follow a strict system for monitoring and controlling production quality.

We have a research and development centre that develops different kinds of skin care product formulas.

We have the global supplier network and resources necessary to purchase high-quality raw materials for our skin care products.

10H PLUS is a licensed Canadian cosmetic production company meeting the highest standards for producing natural, organic, and cruelty-free products using pure, earth-friendly ingredients.

10H PLUS is insured by a Canadian insurance company for liabilities at $5 million.