Own Brand

10H PLUS Natural Skin Care Product Series

Skin Care Products Innovation (SCPI)

Research and Development, Innovation,

International Branding, Production, Packaging,

Certification, Global Marketing

Core Business
International Research and Development Team
A team of experts consisting of dermatologists, biotechnology experts, and chemical experts from Japan, France, the United States, and Canada.
Multicultural Package Design Team
A team consisting of Japanese, French, Canadian, Scandinavian, Chinese, South Korean, and other professional designers with different cultural backgrounds and styles who combine customers’ ideas to create products that are attractive inside and outside through packaging design for products and accessories.
Worldwide Customer Service Team
A team of customer service specialists who can communicate with customers
from different regions in fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese.
Global Marketing Team
A team of marketing experts who are well versed in the skin care market in Canada, the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, France, and the United Kingdom, specializing in integrating marketing resources, directing promotional projects, and assisting clients in multinational markets development.
Professional Teams