10H PLUS is focused on creating and nurturing harmony and happiness in the world through natural products that can improve you. We started our company because now, more than ever, health and longevity is equated with beauty,

which is where we feel our product stands naturally poised for tremendous future growth and an ever-increasing number of

satisfied customers. For brighter, clearer, smoother skin,

we’re the best option available because our products are sourced naturally and with the earth’s health in-mind.

To best represent who we are and what we do, we’ve selected 10 words that best describe us as a company.

These words vividly reflect our love for the environment, respect for nature,

responsibility to society, care for others, and kindness we display on a daily basis.

Our core company values are represented by the word “PLUS” in our name.
For us, “PLUS” stands for
perfection, loyalty, uniqueness, and smartness, all characteristics that our products help demonstrate in customers.
Who We Are
10H PLUS is not just a chemical free skin care products manufacturer.
We share the concept of LOVE & CARE.
What Drives Us


We do what we do to help our customers feel and live better lives. Confidence is a key part of being the best you,

and we believe, and have shown over years of

positive testimonials, that our products are uniquely suited

to not only make you look better,

but to also make you feel like a new person.

Where We Started
We started building our company in 2012 with a simple mission:
help our customers live more radiantly.
We want to nurture confidence and beauty,
because there’s nothing more attractive than someone radiating confidence because they know who they are and why they are.
Just like how the beautiful city of Vancouver combines
a pleasant climate with an abundance of beautiful scenery
and a welcoming multi-cultural community,
the products we offer combine beauty, purity, and amazing diversity.

Our Products

Sourcing only the best natural ingredients from

all-over North America, we’re confident that our products deliver on their promise because we trust the suppliers we work with. Plus, we use advanced production and testing equipment

to assure every item that leaves our manufacturing facility

is guaranteed to perform.

Everything we make is self-developed, self-produced,

and strictly monitored for defects.

Our Operations

Through our unique synergistic method of incorporating

traditional and modern techniques in our operations and products, we have perfected the building of natural skin care products. Our diverse, world-class team is focused on continuous improvement, development, and learning on the fly. That’s why our 20,000 sq. ft. production plant

is constantly being updated

with better equipment, techniques, and practices.

What We Are

As a company, 10H PLUS Group is young and energetic.

We seek problems to solve and people to help,

hence why we started our beauty division.

From promoting natural products to delivering on our inclusive and diverse mission, we’re doing everything we can

to make this a better world for our children.

Our goal is to spread exciting and enlightenment

about the benefits of natural beauty products!