The below items are things to be aware of when wearing our 10H PLUS Blueberry Enzyme Mask

1. Our mask will not have obvious effects if you currently have healthy and blemish-free skin.

2. We only produce our mask when raw materials are available, meaning sometimes our inventory may run low, but that’s only because we’re trying to assure only top-quality ingredients are used in the final product. Plus, it has to be noted that a long production process and a vast amount of human resources such as time is needed to create these masks. Finally, be aware that each mask pouch has a certificate to verify the authenticity of the product.

3. Mask storage conditions are critical. We recommend that you store the opened pouch in a refrigerator or a cold environment with a temperature of under 4*C.

4. Our mask is fragrance free, however some people may be bothered by its slight smell, which is similar to blueberry wine.

5. Our product cannot be purchased in-store. All orders are processed by the 10H PLUS central ordering system via the official website ( or the official WeChat site, and all orders will be shipped directly from our factory located in BC, Canada.

6. The product requires continuous use of best results.

Product Awareness
Being smart about the use of our products will allow you to use them completely side-effect free.
Although they are completely safe and natural, it’s important to read the directions closely to assure best and safest results.