Product Innovation
When selling our products to customers, we make one simple promise to you:
Every product you purchase from us is absolutely clean, safe, and just natural.  
We’re a team of passionate people who have spent almost a decade developing our business with the help of data scientists, makeup artists, green chemists, and skincare experts. In fact, we do beauty better than most other companies do anything!


The inspiration behind our products came from a beauty and cosmetics conference in 2012.

We met with a group of dermatologists

who had noted a massive problem within the industry.

They noticed that medical skin treatments that produce immediate and effective results

often also leave customers with redness, irritation, and hypersensitivity after use.

These post-effects happen because of the heightened sensitivity of the skin

following the use of harsh chemicals.

And then finally, after becoming irritated and angry,

customers can’t find anything to soothe their discomfort and pain.

This is where we come in!

We are an innovative company focused on solving problems.

Our founders exploited an opportunity to solve a major problem within an important industry. Although it wasn’t easy, we did it!

Since 2012, we’ve put our money where our mouth is and invested, perfected,

and refined the creation of 10h PLUS Blueberry Enzyme Mask.

It has become the product we always dreamed about

because it now helps so many customers feel more confident and better.

With 100% natural ingredients, harvested from BC plants and without a single chemical.

a.【10H PLUS Blueberry Enzyme Refresh Mask】(For Her)                               b.【10H PLUS Blueberry Enzyme Refresh Mask】(For Him)
c.【10H PLUS Blueberry Enzyme Restore Mask】(For Her)                               d.【10H PLUS Blueberry Enzyme Restore Mask】(For Him)
e.【10H PLUS Blueberry Enzyme Revive Mask】(For Her)                                 f.【10H PLUS Blueberry Enzyme Revive Mask】(For Him)

Product Types
Product Description
【10H PLUS Lip Essense】
【10H PLUS Eye Serum】
10H PLUS Pure Series
【10H PLUS Facial Toner】
【10H PLUS Beauty Ampoule】
【10H PLUS Day Serum】
【10H PLUS Makeup Remover
【10H PLUS Baby Serum
【10H PLUS Eczema Serum
【10H PLUS Overnight Gel Mask】
【10H PLUS Facial Cleanser】