When you honor your body with our level of clean makeup and skincare, you can’t help but feel good about your beauty routine. That feeling is the beginning of what we call a beautiful life.  

Plus, because we have created and nurtured long-term partnerships with dozens of international skin care research
and development centres and labs with the goal of not only creating great products,
but also assuring that our good practices make a difference in the overall industry.

  Signature Products

10H PLUS Natural Skin Care Product Series

Skin Care Products Innovation (SCPI)

We’re an innovative company whose goal

is to change the world of cosmetics for the better.

That’s why we carry-out so much research and development, innovation, international branding, production, packaging, and certification activities to constantly improve our brand and industry.

Our Business
Other Businesses
R&D Team
The core of our team includes dermatologists, as well as biotechnology and chemical experts. These experts guide our product creation process as they advise the product team
about the best tactics to use to create the most optimal products.
Package Design Team
Consisting of a diverse cast of characters, our package design team is able to quickly and efficiently represent our products core characteristics in its packaging.
We even work with other businesses to create amazing package design for them as well.
Intuitive Customer Service Team
This team is most crucial to our business. Their on the front-lines making sure that
our customers are 100% happy with their purchase.
Our team is very diverse and we even have agents for customers who speak Mandarin and Cantonese.
Global Marketing Team
Our team of expert marketing agents specializes in building marketing resources
that reflect the product that we make.
They also assist us in all promotional and client-side multi-national business development.
They are amazing!
The Core Team
This is the team, and we’re thrilled to have each and every member!